Moving to Africa…

24 06 2011

Hey All,

Just wanted to let you know that I will be shutting things down over here pretty much, as my wife and I have recently been appointed as missionaries to Ivory Coast, West Africa. We have started up a new blog that will chart our journey to and in Africa that will bring all the great insights that I did here, only with a twist towards what God is doing in us along the way! Check us out at

Trinity and Mission

21 05 2011

Here is something I am wrestling with: Does mission arise from within the nature of God or does it flow out of God’s love? Is God a “Missionary God” essentially, or is he a “Loving God” who expresses himself in mission? I admire the works of many who try to make mission bound up within the Trinity, but if it is bound up in the Trinity, then doesn’t mission have to go beyond the restoration of all creation into heaven, and in some sense does mission exist into all eternity? If so, then in what sense will it continue to exist? I think that if we tie mission to who God is essentially, then, in some sense mission must be bigger than just what he does in Christ to restore creation back to himself. So is Mission bigger than we typically think of it, or is it attached to love in a way that makes it understood as we typically think of it? Thoughts…

When Earth Day and Good Friday Collide…

22 04 2011

Earth Day and Good Friday collided today 2,000 years ago, even though neither of these titles existed! Little did the earth know that the affects of the death of Jesus would be so great. For in the moment of His death, a cosmic hiccup took place, and the earth was released temporarily from the grip of sin and death (Mt.27.51-53). In that moment the evil powers were defeated and the King who reigned on the cross staked his claim on all of creation over the cosmic hijackers! Who knew Good Friday would have such an impact for Earth Day 2,000 years later?!?!


21 03 2011

Due to the amount of people asking about what is for sale and where they can get it. Here is the list of what is on Amazon for sale. You just have to find the one under the seller name: 2Cor521. Thank you ahead of time and feel free to pass this on! Remember all sales are for my move to Ivory Coast, as Im trying to move from paper to electronic copies. I am willing to work on the prices, so if you would like to bargain, then by all means please don’t hesitate!



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19 03 2011

So I am having a large book sale due to the need to make a shift to electronic copies for our soon departure overseas. We will be moving to Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa, and just wont have the room to bring all my books with me. So if you would like to get a cheap price on my brand new to barely used commentaries, then please let me know! I have most volumes in the following series:




Baker Exegetical


A few NAC OT


17 02 2011

So if you hold to credo-baptism (or even if you dont and want to chip in any pastoral advice), then here is my question. Should someone who was baptized as a 9 yr old, who went through the motions to be “in” with all their other cronies, and only later at age 19 began following Christ. Then should they get re-baptised, or rather baptised for the first time? Just wondering… because Im beginning to face that issue for myself and am looking for help on how to think through this…

One thing everyone leaves out of a definition of love…

14 02 2011

Love is putting your rights and interests aside for the sake of another so as to point them to Christ.

If we fail to point people to Christ, then we fail to love them. If we simply give up our rights for someone else it is selfless, but it is not love. For the most loving thing one can do is show their actions in such a way as to reflect the very Christ who has been so loving towards us in his faithful love. May we see this day as a renewed opportunity to pour this kind of love on all those around us.